...Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely...
(Luke 3:14)

Promoting Awareness of Organized Harassment

Let none of you suffer evildoer or as a busybody in other people's matters. (1Peter 4:15)


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Smear Campaign

Stalkers aim to destroy your credibility and terrorize you into silence

Community Stalkers use 'Degrading Themes' to terrorize the target causing them constant stress and anxiety. A Degrading Theme is a form of psychological harassment that stigmatizes the victim and destroys their reputation. The objective is to make the target a social outcast by deliberately spreading lies and distortions to individuals in their personal and professional environment.

The target is usually accused of being a pedophile, a racist or a homosexual. However it is not uncommon for the target to be labeled as a prostitute, rapist, terrorist, mentally-ill, a drug addict or dealer. Often Stalkers will label the target with a combination of these.

To effectively assassinate the target's character they operate under the guise of bogus police investigations and use statements and quotes from individuals who are paid to set-up the target. They even invest considerable effort in manipulating circumstances and staging scenarios to make the victim appear as a pedophile, racist, homosexual, prostitute, etc. More information about these set-ups will be given in the section called harassment skits.

The label of pedophile is most often used because it is considered by society to be the most heinous crime. This accusation easily mobilizes people against the target. Anyone who cares about children become eager participants in harassment skits directed towards you. It's an accusation that can easily destroy your career and alienate you from your family and friends.

Likewise racism, can easily motivate individuals to bully a target. Community Stalkers spread rumors throughout various ethnic communities that you are anti-'whatever nationality' and need to be taught a lesson. This is a time tested strategy that has been used for centuries. Empires have been built on it. It's called 'Divide and Conquer'. It's not unusual for a target to be harassed by several ethnic groups at the same time. The Stalkers feed each community lies, adapting them to the stereotypes associated with each group. Again, to be most effective, they will use individuals belonging to each respective ethnicity who are paid, bribed or blackmailed into spreading false evidence and making false statements to condemn you.

Accusations of homosexuality are common, especially in religious circles. Homosexuality is very clearly prohibited by biblical standards (Romans 1:26-27, Leviticus 20:13). This accusation terrorizes a victim and makes them an instant outcast in their religious community. It is commonly used to unofficially excommunicate a congregation member. In the absence of a scriptural justification for disfellowshipping, Elders will use the homosexual label to harass an individual into leaving their congregation.

Apparently, Elders in certain Christian organizations play a role in arranging marriages. When young women refuse to be coerced into dating selected men, they are labeled as homosexuals. In doing so, Elders protect the pride of the rejected males and effectively dissuade other potential suitors from approaching the women in question. It's a well designed psychological trap meant to manipulate the target into doing something against her will.

Smear Campaigns are extremely harmful, and effective, when executed properly. Often the accusations are spread among the target's neighbors who participate in driving the victim out of town. Most frequently the rumors follow the target into their new community only for the cycle of harassment to begin again.

Degrading Themes are favored by harassers for the 'Catch 22' it imposes on the victim. Many targets shy away from talking about the psychological abuse or defending themselves due to fear of further humiliation and stigmatization. They are put in a situation where talking about the harassment contributes to spreading the rumors and lies being told about them.

Counter Tactics
First of all, if you are being stalked and harassed, talk about it. Don't allow Stalkers to terrorize you into silence. It's better for you and the entire planet that you expose this evil.

If your Stalking Community is an organization, appeal first to those who are responsible for handling such complaints. If the harassment does not stop, make a written complaint to the ranks above those individuals. Should the situation persist send another written complaint to the head of the organization. Make sure each complaint is sent as a registered letter so you have proof.

It's possible the head of the organization will still ignore your complaint unless there is a threat of litigation. If this is the case, get a lawyer. Anyone whose reputation has been damaged by smear campaigns is entitled to sue their harassers for defamation. Collect as much evidence as possible including witnesses and recorded material. Get a lawyer who specializes in harassment/ civil rights. Sue your perpetrators for intentional character assassination and slander with the objective of harming your personal and professional reputation.

Tell everyone you know about Community Stalking. Direct them to sites like this that explain the process of Psychological Warfare and Covert Terrorism. These are strong words but this is in fact what Community Stalking is. It's a form of terrorism against an individual that is meant to instil fear and cause mental and emotional trauma.

It is recommended that you also inform your abusers what Community Stalking is. Why? Because some of the participants don't even understand the significance of what they are doing. Some participate simply because they have been bribed with money or some benefit to them.

Be persistent. Community Stalkers take advantage of loopholes in the law. They are accustomed to getting away with terrorism time and time again. They try to burn-out their targets. In doing so, by the time you start understanding what is happening and how it's being done, you no longer have the energy or motivation to defend yourself. Be patient with yourself. Take the time to 'catch your breath' and start collecting your evidence. Rome was not built in a day.

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