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Jehovah's Witnesses

(This article has been reposted because on friday december 12th 2014 I discovered that someone had hacked into my Facebook account and removed it. Plus I am now locked out of my Facebook account.)

Jehovah's Witnesses have Inter-Congregational Gang Stalking Groups

Jehovah's Witnesses are a religious group that does everything in its power to make sure their organization has a good reputation. Public perception is carefully ¨groomed¨ and their Public Relations Department takes advantage of every opportunity to disseminate positive information about the organization. Their public service and good deeds do deserve recognition - but so do their misdeeds. Unfortunately the information in the media is skewed towards the good and therefore it becomes difficult for the evil to come to light. The insinuation is not that the media is partial to them, it's simply that the Watchtower has more financial and human resources at their disposal than the poor individuals who fall victim to their abuse. According to studies Jehovah's Witnesses are among the poorest and least educated compared to other Christian groups. Higher education is highly discouraged and wealth is frowned upon.

Of course there are a handful of high profile members like Prince, the Jackson Family, the Williams sisters, Coca Rocha etc. But they are simply used as spokespersons who provide greater exposure and a lot of free publicity; intelligent marketing really. It's doubtful these money loaded devotees have any idea what it's like to be the average rank and file member who is constantly reminded that obedience to the elders is obedience to the organization, and obedience to the organization is obedience to God. It's easy to see the potential for abuse here. And there's a lot of it; spiritual abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, gang stalking abuse....

Many leave, hence the high turnover in the organization. In fact it would be no surprise if the Jehovah's Witnesses were deemed one of the religious denominations with the highest turnover. Yet some do stay. Among them are those who accept the abuse and eventually become abusers in turn. Others suffer in silence gradually developing diverse forms of mental illness from depression to schizophrenia. Some researchers estimate rates of 7 times more mental illness among Jehovah's Witnesses compared to the general population.

And what about those who don't agree with giving limitless obedience to the whims of the elders yet they want to attend meetings because they believe in the doctrine ?  They are driven out. The slightest attitude of non-compliance is perceived as a potential threat to the organization. These individuals are covertly harassed within the congregation until they decide to leave. If the internal harassment does not suffice, the Jehovah's Witnesses deploy their Inter-Congregational Gang Stalking Task Force.

The Watchtower subdivides it's territories within regions and districts. It is believed that several regions have a Gang Stalking Task Force, but perhaps not all. Usually a regional assembly will only have members who worship in the same language. However, for the purpose of the gang stalking, congregations of various linguistic communities are grouped together within the same region. This is done to reduce the chance that the victim will actually recognize the individuals who are stalking him/her.

When most people hear of Jehovah's Witness harassment, what generally comes to mind is their annoying behaviour of knocking at people's doors on the weekend when doing their preaching work. Most people, even many witnesses, have no clue about the gang stalking. People associate this type of behaviour with Scientology and other groups but assume Jehovah's Witnesses are just annoying but harmless. Perpetrators are probably selected based on their “spiritual maturity” and their fervent desire to ”serve Jehovah without question, even when you don't understand why”. Anyone who has been in the organization for some time has heard this expression over and over again. Witnesses are to submit fully to the authority of the elders without asking questions. Those who are ready for the spiritual “solid food” are given certain ”privileges” in the congregation. And the “solid food” is not meant to be shared with the 'spiritual infants' who are not yet mature enough.

How is it that they have kept this secret for so long? Jehovah's Witnesses are experts in mind control. Firstly, they often use children and the elderly as shields and if you've noticed, they tend to position themselves as victims in the media. There are often current news articles about their rights being taken away in Russia, or some kid who was bullied in school because of his Jehovah's Witness faith, or the courts challenging their stance on blood transfusions. Someone is supposedly always attacking them or taking away their rights. We become conditioned to viewing them as a marginal group, with marginal beliefs that society is always picking on. I am not saying that they have never been persecuted. Do realize though that a person can be both a victim and perpetrator at the same time. And these victims, are the perpetrators most of the time. I know for a fact that the collective misdeeds of Jehovah's Witnesses as perpetrators, far outweighs the suffering they incur as victims....but that is an article for another time.

So what is 'gang stalking' exactly? In a nutshell it's a way to attack someone stealthily. It is probably the most dangerous form of warfare (harassment) because the victim never sees it coming.

Keep reading. There is a lot of useful information on this site.

God (Almighty) Bless.








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