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... Do not harass [ or blackmail ] anyone or accuse
anyone falsely... (Luke 3:14)

Let none of you suffer evildoer or as a meddler
in other people’s matters. (1Peter 4:15)


If you have been targeted by a Harassment Network or Stalking Group you will find information on this site that will help you cope and prove that you are being harassed.

If you are a perpetrator, hopefully you will recognize the evil of your ways and change. You are a coward and a murderer. You slowly drive your victims to suicide without confronting them face to face.

If you are neither victim nor perpetrator, brace yourself. Your perception of the world as you know it is about to be altered. There are institutions that use the media to cloak themselves in an image of good will and charitable pursuits - yet they are actually quite sinister at their core. If you are wondering which organizations because you haven't heard anything in the news....You are asking the right question. Why is it that you haven't heard anything negative about certain religious organizations? Because these organizations know how to neutralize their problems without exposing their dirty laundry. How do they do it? Through their intimidation and harassment networks (group stalking).

Community or Group Stalking is basically a very intense form of harassment. Perpetrators who are part of an organization, community or group, participate in collectively destroying an individual physically, socially, economically and psychologically. Everyone knows that murder is illegal. Community and Group Stalkers have found a way to commit this crime without standing trial. They kill their victims gradually and hide behind a network of perpetrators to conceal their identities. They investigate their victims to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They study their every move to find out what makes them 'tick'. Once they know which buttons to push, they use this information and social engineering tactics to exercise psychological warfare against them. Each member of the stalking community takes his turn at pushing the victim further and further over the edge. Stalkers won't pull the trigger. They will however incite their victims to do it themselves. Through the use of daily smear campaigns, threats, harassment and poisoning they collectively drive their targets to suicide while escaping all suspicion. When the targets do not kill themselves, group stalkers attempt to destroy their lives so their victims are left physically ill, mentally unstable and financially bankrupt.

However extreme some of the information on this site may seem, you owe it to yourself not to go into denial. Remember that the September 11th tragedy was extremely bizarre and improbable - but it did happen. Any organization with a few hundred members could easily pull this off. Don't assume this could never happen to you because you are not 'important enough'. Know that often the motive for organized harassment is simply to silence someone. Sometimes people choose to ignore certain atrocities to protect their own sanity. But the only true defense is Awareness.

Unfortunately some religious groups use Organized Harassment and Stalking to control their members and they manipulate scripture to justify its use. These religious groups can fool some of the people some of the time but they can't fool all of the people all of the time, and they certainly can never fool THE ALMIGHTY.

Do not be misled: God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap (Galatians 6:7-8)

Woe to the wicked one!—Calamity; for the treatment [rendered] by his own hands will be rendered to him! (Isaiah 3:11)  

And they will be certain to fight against you, but they will not prevail against you, for ‘I am with you,’ is the utterance of YAHWEH, ‘to deliver you.’ (Jeremiah 1:19)


Keep reading. There is valuable information on this site.

God Bless


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